Tuesday, August 16, 2011

spinning madly on

I'm starting to wonder what has been happening to my days, my weeks even. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in Rexburg going to school and all that kind of stuff and , now I am realizing that I have been moved home for almost a month? How did that happen? I really don't understand what happened to those weeks and days and minutes...
Well anywho...

 I love love this short...

 So beautiful, but what does it mean? The first time I watched it I thought that I knew but, it seems the more I watch it the more I feel like their is something there that I'm just not seeming to get. Its like that on the tip of the tongue feeling. Almost there but not quite getting it. Well anyway what do you think?


  1. This song has always confused me. I think it has multiple meanings. Just depends on where you are at in life. Love your deep thoughts! Miss you Sherrizzle

  2. I remember when you first showed me this and I had to go into a self-evaluating think spiral for a week! Well maybe that is an exaggeration...but I love it! Thanks for making me think :)

  3. Yes I have re-examed this multiple times but still I feel fuzzy in my brains, all of them. And my roommates brains; They feel fuzzy too.